About Us

Oak Hill Farms is born out of love for our family and a passion for nature. We believe that the ingredients we use on our bodies impact our health and well being. While spending hours at grocery stores trying to understand label ingredients, we decided to make a change. This lead us into the idea to make our own wellness products that we knew we could trust. 

Why not use ingredients we get on our farms? Goat's milk, Raw Honey, Bees Wax are some of the extraordinary ingredients we are lucky to have and add to our product line. After months of testing we perfected soaps,lotions,lip balms,soy wax candles and other products we handcraft to bring you a clean,wholesome experience your sure to love.

We have a true love for our community and other artisans and makers. Little by little we continue to bring their pieces into our studio to showcase their work. We are adding home decor and garden products to share our love and lifestyle with you.   

We will continue to live clean, simply and fully and we will bring you practical and  beautiful products that work for us and promise to work for you as well. 

Thank you for following along our journey, 

Rich and Carla