How does that work?

Our website offers all handmade products.

We are not a big box store, and our products are not mass produced in factories. We produce everything you shop and some items are collaborations with local crafters. We are actively working to be able to offer 2 restocks a month (for the most part every other Sunday at 3pm EST).

Your products are out of stock online but I'm local. Do you have them at the farm?

99% of the times we have all products stocked at the farm. Why? Because its our retail space and needs to have merchandise. Our online business runs separately than our farm and we need to respect those stocks as two different businesses.

How do I know when you will have another restock?

Our products do take time to produce, but we are working as quickly as possible to keep the site stocked.

If a product is showing as "out of stock" it will be restocked within a week or two but we highly recommend you to follow along our Instagram account @oak.hill.farmsthebarn where we share all the news about restocks. Check our websites top banner where we share the next restock date every Tuesday.