Every Day Skincare - "Bee Yourself"

Our Honey based beauty line was created to help all kind of skin types and give you the boost to make you feel "BEE-YOU-TIFUL"

Why Honey? “Honey has many powerful properties" Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and humectant (moisturizing) properties just to name a few...

The antibacterial properties make it good as both treatment and prevention for acne, the anti-inflammatory powers come from antioxidants that help calm irritated skin and since honey has humectant effects, it may help keep skin looking younger and smoother.

Lastly, honey contains natural enzymes that help remove dead skin cells and reduce redness.


1. Face Cleanser

2. Face Mask (only to be used once or twice a week or as needed)

3. Face Toner

4. Face Moisturizer

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using any of our SERUMS, apply the serums before the moisturizer since they carry active ingredients and they need to penetrate your skin deeply. The moisturizer needs to be applied after to lock in all the good ingredients into your skin and continue to leave your skin hydrated and humectant.


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