Key Lime Dip (with 4 ingredients!)

This Key Lime Dip is so easy to whip up and a perfect dessert for Spring and Summer. I like to serve it with some fruit, wafers and cookies for everyone to help themselves!


• 1-8oz block of cream cheese, soften

• 1 cup of condensed milk

• 3 limes, you will need the juice of all the limes and the zest of 1 lime

• 2 cups of cool whip (or if you prefer like me you can make your own whipped cream by mixing 2 cups of heavy cream with 1/4 cup of powder sugar until peaks form)

Serve with fruits, wafers, and graham crackers

To make it: in a mixer start by whipping the cream cheese at room temperature until smooth, add the condensed milk and mix for another minute until well combined. Add the zest of one lime and juice of 3 likes into this mixture and mix well again. Remove from mixing and fold in the cool whip OR fresh whipped cream. Make sure you fold it in so stays nice and fluffy. Add it to a bowl and serve with fruits, Nilla wafers, Graham Crackers and any other wafer of your choice! 
I hope you love it and enjoy!

XOXO, Carla 

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