Fruit Bouquet for Mom

I love making Fruit Bouquets and this one it’s so fun and easy and definitely makes a great centerpiece and/or gift. 

What I used:

• 6 oranges (4 cut in half with zig zag pattern, the other 2 sliced in 1/4” wheels for the base)

• 2 lemons, sliced in 1/4” wheels

• 16 strawberries (one quart)

• fresh mint

• skewers

• ribbon and glass vases

To make it: start by washing the fruit. I used two glass vases. One to go inside the other one (1- 6x10” and 1- 3x10”).

Place one vase inside the other one and insert sliced lemon and orange wheels in between just like it’s shown on the video. Then cut the remaining 4 oranges making a zig zar cut right in the middle. Insert a skewer on every orange allowing for the skewer to go thru and then add a full strawberry right on top. 
Add the skewers in the center of the thin vase and add extra skewers with strawberries only to fill the gaps. Add fresh mint around the bouquet filling more spaces. Add a ribbon of choice for an extra touch around the vase. Enjoy! 

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