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Hello there! I'm Carla, co-founder and owner of Oak Hill Farms. My partner in this adventure is my husband Rich who is my true love, best friend and biggest supporter. Here is our story and how we came to start our company, Oak Hill Farms. 

Back on December 31st of 2012, my husband ended up in the hospital due to a heart issue. He used to call me every day when he left work but on this day the phone call was different: “Please call 911, I think I'm having a heart attack". My face turned white, my body started shaking and my mind was thinking the worst. At this time, I didn't even know where he was and wasn’t able to send an ambulance or even drive myself there so we had to hang up not knowing if we would even hear each other’s voices again. He was able to call 911 and the ambulance and police arrived quickly. Then he called me back to let me know he was being transported to the closest hospital. We spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in a hospital room with no doctors or answers and ended up being sent home without a diagnosis.

A few days later, he told his story to someone he had met through work who actually was a very well known retired doctor who then pulled some strings and got Rich into his personal cardiologist for a second opinion. We went to see the doctor together and got the news. Rich needed an emergency surgery to clean out his main artery and possibly install some stents. He told us that in fact Rich had a minor heart attack over New Years and was extremely lucky. 

I remember how hard I prayed and how thankful to God I was to get this second chance. Rich had a successful procedure and a completely new perspective on life. 

We decided to take this chance God was giving us to live life in a healthier happier way. To enjoy the little, simple things. To love harder and complain less. To live each day to the fullest and create longtime memories. We started looking for a house. A house that would have a little land for a garden, to raise animals, and have space for our girls to run. A house that we would make our home! 

After a few months we found it. Our own home. It needed tons of work but we were up for the challenge. It was perfect for us! We then got our puppy, chickens and our goats. We started that garden and even became beekeepers! We changed our lifestyle and started eating better and enjoying life more. As we both work stressful jobs we try our best to leave our work at the front door as much as possible. 

We went back to basics, living more naturally. I always made an effort to buy the best ingredients but after spending hours at grocery store looking for healthy foods I found myself struggling and barely understanding the names in the ingredients on the labels. I would feel frustrated and complain to Rich, so one day he asked, “Why don't we make our own?” That was it! So the next day we started trying soap recipes. Our best decision ever. Not only did we have a blast doing it but it worked! What a difference it made to have real natural ingredients. Then I started experimenting with candles. I have always considered myself a candle junky so I opted for a solution to still have a fragranced home but with a clean burn without chemicals. Next we went on and added our lip balms, lotions, rooms sprays and now we have an entire line of wellness products along with home decor. And of course, HONEY!  

We are so excited to share our line and our lifestyle with you and we welcome you as a friend. Enjoy Oak Hill Farms. Sincerely, 

The Bushey’s




  • Pamela Katz

    Hello, I was wondering if you have a place to add your email to be notified when some things that are sold out come back in stock.
    Thank you so much, Pam Katz

  • Lori Murphy

    Absolutely love your candles the house smells wonderful & I know a couple daughters who in a couple weeks will love them too. Can’t wait to get the No Crack Cream when its restocked, winter is awful on my hands!!

  • Lori Murphy

    Absolutely love your candles the house smells wonderful & I know a couple daughters who in a couple weeks will love them too. Can’t wait to get the No Crack Cream when its restocked, winter is awful on my hands!!

  • cathy palaske

    I went to my sisters house and her living room smelt wonderful. She told me about the candle and the company via her daughter, who orders from you. I ordered 2 awakening & 1 balsam for $52.00. When I lit it the fragrance was wonderful, when I bent over to smell it. Later on my husband & friends really didn’t smell anything in the room. I lit the balsam in our bathroom, I could smell it alittle but if I closed the door then it was lovely. So I kept the door shut. I love your company, but maybe I need more for a room, and start burning hours before people arrive, or I did something wrong, I trimmed the wick, my sister said she couldn’t believe it. I can’t either. I am very disappointed. I always by Yankee candles. I am sorry to say this, as I want to order more and other things. Maybe you can recommend a stronger fragrance for me to try. How many candles do I need in one room for someone to notice it? Can the a/c be running as I live in Florida. Just trying to figure this out. thank you for reading this if you get it. I do love your company and story. I’m not saying this for anything in return. sincerely Cathy Palaske

  • Donna Wilhelm

    Hello! I had the opportunity to enjoy your candles, lotions and lip balm compliments of my daughter Mary Beth Wilhelm-Pou. I am totally obsessed with EVERYTHING!!!! I will be passing your website information on to ALL of my friends and family. Keep up the good work!! Sincerely, DJ

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