Thanksgiving is creeping on me! I can't even believe that next week I will be making the big feast already. This is year is definitely very special because my family will be joining us for the holiday and do you know what that means around here? We make even MORE FOOD! 

Being in the kitchen to me is one of the best feelings, more when its about cooking for holidays. I have my girls helping, sitting around the kitchen island while I cook, watching, learning and simply spending time together. My mom enjoys all the dishes I make now as I enjoyed all my life not only the amazing food she always made but also the wonderful holiday spirit she always had that it's to this day so contagious.

I asked her to join me today as I share some easy appetizers with you and without hesitation she said: I can make my Fruity & Nutty Baked Brie!

So if you follow along my journey on Instagram you can watch the video in my highlights and see my mama in action but here is the printable version for you to keep and enjoy!

Mama's Fruity & Nutty Baked Brie printable version here



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  • Love the recipe, Carla and mama the real deal, thanks for always sharing your beautiful and yummy creations…

    Luz Limaris

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