Fall Home Tour

Welcome to my Fall Home Tour!
I'm so happy to let you see more of my home and give you sources of products, new ideas, tips and hopefully I can inspire you in some way to achieve a home you will cherish and love.
I have to begin by saying that I'm a farmhouse lover. I have a very traditional and classic taste but I have to confess that modern farmhouse style has captivated me lately. You will find a mix of both styles that are blending well for me and I just love to decorate around my basics: woods, whites and different textures.
In my home, you will find many pieces I reuse, many items I got at bargain prices and pieces I just refresh using a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of love.
Make sure to also check out my talented friends who I have teamed up with to bring you inspiration on different styles. (You can find their links at the end of this post).
I'm not quite sure if I should call this a front porch (lol!). It's more like front steps but they do their job. I take tons of pride decorating this space and while I do, I get people whistling and beeping their horns since I live on a main road. It's kind of funny (and embarrassing too!). Back to the steps decor: This year I used simple apple baskets from Michaels. I got them for less than $3.00 each since I used a coupon (yes girl! you have to be on the lookout for coupons) and I placed different color mums and cabbages from my local nursery. I added some fresh and colorful pumpkins and gourds and I used two large hay bales for each side of the door, and stacked two medium hay bales on top to create different heights and add dimension.
I have used two great sign makers to add some personality to my front door.
The  "U-PICK PUMPKINS" sign is from my friend Emily and you can get your own here
The "Welcome Autumn" sign is from my girl Brittany and it's a two-side sign so you will be seeing the other side when I give you my Christmas decor. If you want to get your own you can go here.
For those of you who asked for the color of my door, its called: "MINT TO BE" by Sherwin Williams and the galvanized lights are from Home Depot.
This space is one of my favorites for sure! My home has land but we don't have a big living space so filling every wall with shiplap can be tricky and can make it look smaller. Instead we decided to add this shiplap accent, that also works as a coat or bag hanger and we completed the space with a shelf that holds my decorative pieces. I added a church pew to give it and antique look but also to allow us to have the space to put on or take off our shoes. So not only works as a pretty space but also its very functional and we are big about that! 
I have an entire blog post about how we built this shiplap accent wall and if you want to see it you can head here. The church pew is from Kirklands and the hooks and mailbox from Hobby Lobby.
One of my favorite sign makers is my dear friend Jen and she made this wonderful Pumpkin Patch sign that takes front and center in this wall. You can check out her work here.
As for this space we need practical, practical, practical! (Did you get that we are all about practical? hehe). This home has only one living room and one dining room so it gets used daily. We knew it had to be welcoming, comfortable, durable and able to take our family of 6 (my mom lives with us so it makes us 6!). We got this great sectional from Wayfair last Christmas and its holding up pretty well! The coffee table has a rustic feel that we love and it makes a great contrast with the lighter couch and pillows.
Remember how I told you that the base of my home decor are 3 elements: woods, whites and textures? Well here is another example of it. Lighter couches, textures on the pillows and the wood table.
I am a fan of fresh stems and I love to incorporate them in my decor. I cut my own from the garden or flower beds and I also buy inexpensive ones at the store. If you have a Trader Joe's by you I have to tell you that they have a wide variety of fresh blooms, very inexpensive and they last longer than other fancy "sh-mancy" places (here we go again! the girl on a budget!). For this season I have added eucalyptus stems and they cost $2.99 at Trader Joe's for a bunch. I highly recommend to play around with florals to give color and a fresh feel to your home. 
We fell in love with this dining room set that brings farmhouse charm to this space. The grains of the wood give it a rough-rustic feel and the bench makes it more informal plus it also sits more people when we are hosting a party. If you want to see other tablescapes you can head to my Instagram account and see how I change it up by the seasons. 
As for the placemats, I use these natural fiber ones all year round and I just change the plate chargers, napkins and rings. Sometimes I leave the napkin rings out and I just use a stem on the setting.
Finally! best for last, right? The kitchen is the heart of our home. Do I wish it was bigger? YES! But i also wish a was rich or skinny so I'm grateful for what I have and I make it work :) I keep it simple here with only few touches of decor. The last thing I need it's a whole lot of clutter in the space I use the most.
All I can say about this space is that I really buy things that I will use on a daily basis rather than things that will just be there for looks. Integrate wooden pieces, cutting boards, cake stands...if you have shelves put out you pretty dishes, you bakery needs, your cookbooks...
If you are like me and use your kitchen as much as I do, make it comfortable and practical. Nothing worst than a pumpkin patch or a Christmas tree getting on your way of cooking, right? 
Friends many times "less is more" (unless is coffee! or wine, or even chocolate...hehe).
I added only few touches of eucalyptus greenery on the coffee bar as well as some pumpkins. To bring that warm Fall color I hanged some copper mugs from the rack and I hanged my mustard-color striped apron.
On the opposite area where we have our floating shelves, I also added a pumpkin (well maybe 2)) and some wheat to give height and warm color to this shelf.
My advice on shelves will always be to have different heights of things rather than making it uniform. But that's me! You might be a little more OCD than I am, and you need all at the same height so girl, go for it!
On my kitchen island you will always find a pitcher with fresh blooms from my garden (or Trader Joe's - I wish they were paying me for this advertisement) and only that. Keep it simple and make it work!
I really hope you enjoyed this home tour with sources and ideas. I will be having another one for Christmas and I hope to see you here again! Please leave me all your comments or questions below (what did you like best, what else would you like to see, etc...I'm all ears guys!).
I will also encourage you to go check out these super talented and lovely ladies that are doing this tour with me: 
You will find squares filled with inspiration and different styles.
You can also check out these blog posts if you follow the links here:
Have a blessed day my friends!!!




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  • Alicia

    Beautiful home, Carla!! Thank you for sharing it with us ❤️

  • Brittany

    Your home is always so beautiful! You’re such a great source of inspiration :)

  • Christine

    Wow! Such a beautiful home! Love all the fall touches!

  • Yvette

    Beautiful Fall home tour!! Such a warm and welcoming front porch!! Love how you have incorporated fresh stems and rich warm colors and textures throughout your home!!

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