Embroidery Hoop Christmas ornament

Are you guys as excited for Christmas as I am? It’s only mid November but I’m preparing all my Christmas decorations to deck out my home the day after Thanksgiving. 

This year I’m going to have a very neutral color palette so adding cute little touches here and there it’s necessary to make sure my home still looks festive.

This super-easy-to-make embroidery hoop ornament is not only affordable but it can also allow you to be creative with different colors and patterns to tie it in your Christmas tree.

Embroidery Hoop Christmas ornament


Difficulty: EASY

Time to make: 5 minutes for each hoop

Materials needed:

- 1 embroidery hoop (I found Walmart has the best price for 12. They come out to $1.25 each)

- Fabric scrap (Hobby Lobby or Walmart sell fabric by the yard. I got 1/8 of yard and was able to make 8 ornaments) $0.12 each scrap per ornament.

- Ribbon (the color and print of your choice. I used a light gold one for mine.

- Pine Sprays (I used fresh ones since I have them at home - no cost added!)

- Twine or thin ribbon to use as loop hanger (0.10 cents)

- Scissors 

- Glue gun


Open you embroidery hoop by unscrewing the top), place your piece of fabric on top of the inside hoop and press the outside hoop on top. Fix your fabric to make sure is lined up correctly. Once you get the fabric set screw back in the top of the outside hoop. Cut all the excess of the fabric around the hoop from the back.

On top, add the pine sprays by adding glue to the top of the embroidery hoop (right below where the screw is set). Use your ribbon to make a bow and add it where the pine sprays were glued.

To finish, pass a string of twine (about 4" long) thru the space between the hoop and the screw and tie it. This is how you will hang your ornament in the tree.

Remember to be creative! Use patterns you might have as pillows to match your home decor, use old fabric from Christmas blankets, tea towels, printed sheets...you have endless possibilities :)

For a video of this embroidery hoop make sure to visit me in my Instagram stories. I save all these tutorials in my highlights.

Hope you love this easy DIY Christmas decoration. Stay tuned for more crafting ideas to come! As always, i love to hear from you so don't forget to leave me a comment or ask any questions you might have.





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