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Here it's another great craft for Christmas! My girls look forward to this one because they get to open little presents daily until Christmas day! By little presents I mean erasers, lip balms, candy, free chore cards...I try to get creative and give them something to look forward to.


This year I'm choosing very neutral colors for my Christmas decor: only pine greens, whites and woods so i will apply that concept to my Advent Calendar as well. I think its a great idea if you add some color to you advent if you are looking forward to a colorful Christmas, or maybe red? Even plaid or buffalo check might be nice additions on bows, string and chalk used :)

These are the materials you will need:


- Chalkboard - mine is 30x45 (if you don't have one you can also use an old big frame) or you can check out this chalkboard from Walmart or this one from Hobby Lobby.

- Chalk

- Chalk marker 

- String

- Number stamps

- Ink Pad for stamps

- Clothespins

- Muslin Bags (mine are 4x3"), you can also use Burlap bags or even Kraft envelopes.

- Tacks, pins or nails


Your chalkboard will need to be seasoned if it's not already. To do that, pass a chalk through your entire board and using a paper towel wipe it off dry. It will give it a "used" look. It's important you do this so when you write on your board and you want to eraser it later it wont leave marks.

Measure the inside of your chalk (without frame) or the inside of your frame if that's what you choose to use. Leave space to write on top of the chalkboard any quote you would like such: Merry Christmas, Christmas Countdown, Sleeps until Christmas, etc and split the rest of the space in equal part of the amount of rows of string you will have. For example, I am dividing my board in 3 rows: 1st row with 8 bags, 2nd row with 8 bags and 3rd row with 9 bags to complete the 25 needed.

Using a tack or pin, insert in the previously measured points so you can hand your string from there. Both sides of the board should have tacks in the same places. Tie your string to the tack doing a little knot and push it all the way into the board to secure it after knotted. Do that with the amount of rows you are having.

Using your number-rubber stamps and you preferred color ink pad, stamp each bag or envelope with numbers from 1 to 25. Divide your bags in the specific amounts you want to put per row and with a clothespin attach them to the string.

Once all the rows have been filled with the bags, draw on the top part your desire holiday message, add snowflakes like I did or maybe candy canes or Christmas trees. I leave that up to your imagination. Get creative and have fun! 

Have your children help you, mine always get excited. If you want you can also use this board or frame with the string as a holiday card holder. It's a great way to display all the fun cards you get from friends and family.

I hope you enjoy this craft as well. For a full video on how to make it, make sure to follow my story highlights on Instagram. You will find this crafts and many others saved there. 

For a DIY embroidery-hoop ornament click here and for more crafts stay tuned! I have quite few more coming your way in the next two weeks :)

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  • Melinda

    Where did you get the bags? What fun things do you put in the bags?

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